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Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

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Virgin Coconut OilCocos nucifera, is a light, penetrating oil extracted from freshly cut coconuts. The fresh coconut meat is grated and then expeller pressed to produce the coconut milk. This milk is centrifuged to separate the milk into coconut solids, water, and oil. This results in a rich and creamy coconut oil that retains the smell of fresh coconut milk. This cold process extraction takes place within hours of opening the coconuts and thus conserves the nutritive components of coconuts such as natural squalene and vitamin E. 

Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, virgin, unrefined coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer, can penetrate hair better than other oils and it smells delicious. 

When rubbed into the skin, the rich natural fats are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply to plump up your cells creating a smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful appearance. This oil gives soap cleansing properties and makes a rich creamy lather with big, fluffy bubbles. In hair care, it is used as a hair tonic to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil

How To Use: Apply generously all over the body or hair and massage gently until properly absorbed. It can be used as a day or night moisturizer or as a massage oil.

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