The Inspiration

Nana Ama Yankah

The Problem

African women have been associated with Shea Butter, Black Soap, Baobab Oil, Moringa Oil, Neem Oil and so many other products for centuries. However, these products have not been able to bring economic independence to their livelihoods. Why is that? NAYA believes it is because we have not understood the true value of what we have, and evolved it to meet the changing world. This is what inspires us at NAYA... Evolving the legacy of traditionally handcrafted African products and sharing them with the world. 


 Rural Partnerships (Raw Material Processing): 

At the heart of our brand is to create a market for products created by women in rural communities. Most of these women, have little to no education, and their knowledge of processing either shea butter or black soap, has been passed on to them through the generations. Unfortunately, as the market for shea and other oils become more competitive around the world, it becomes more difficult for them to compete and find a market for their products. Our partnership with them ensures a ready market at fair market prices, consistently, so they can continue to make a living and grow their businesses as we grow. We also hope to be able to evolve their businesses(SDG - 8) and provide more training and assistance in their communities to help them move out of poverty. (SDG - 1)

Women-led R&D and Small-Scale Manufacturing: 

We believe the best way to create a sustainable African economy is to build brands that are innovative and industrious, and develop products that are safe and effective, through manufacturing and industrialization (SDG - 9). That is the core principle that drives our women-led production team made up of Engineers, Sales, Marketing, and Accounting & Finance professionals who mostly happen to be women. (SDG - 5). We are raising the bar on opportunities for women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), and in African Industry.  

NAYA by Africa Team

Product Variety:

We love creating products and incorporating variety of great oils, extracts, colors, fragrances and essential oils. Body Butters, Shower Gels, Oils, Bar Soaps, Scrubs and many more that you can use daily, occasionally, as gifts or when you need that special pampering day. We look forward to creating more products in the future for your hair care and home care.

Customer Experience:

We want you to love our products and help us share it far and wide around the world. So if you are happy, tell someone, buy a gift for a friend or share a review on our page. If you are not, tell us so we can continue to improve to serve you.