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Pure Neem Oil

Pure Neem Oil

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Guard your skin against mosquito bites with our skin-sensitive yet effective Neem and Citronella mosquito repellent, which provides the skin-friendly protection you need when you have to be outdoors with nature.

Key Ingredients

Neem Oil (Antiseptic) – The neem oil is an effective antiseptic oil cold-pressed from the seed of the neem fruit in the Northern part of Ghana. It is an excellent moisturizer with a strong garlicky odor.  It is effective in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is especially gentle and nourishing when used for itchy, sensitive or dry skin conditions. We use virgin, unrefined, organic neem oil. Unrefined oils have not been bleached or deodorized and retain their natural scent, color, and nutritional benefits

Citronella Oil (Repellent) – Citronella naturally repels mosquitos and other bugs. It is a gentle, plant-based insect repellent that is considered to be a “biopesticide” that has a nontoxic mode of action against insects.

Ingredients: Shea Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Neem Oil, Citronella Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil

How To Use: Apply generously all over the body and massage gently into the skin until properly absorbed.

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