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Eucalyptus African Black Soap Shower Gel

Eucalyptus African Black Soap Shower Gel

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Enjoy the rich and creamy feel of the indulgent Eucalyptus African Black Soap Shower Gel enhanced with aromatic Eucalyptus and Patchouli Oils to soothe, balance, and strengthen your skin. 

Skin Type 

  • Oily 
  • Normal 
  • Combination 

Effective for 

  • Daily bath or shower pampering


Purified Water, Black Soap Extract(Water, Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash), Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil

How To Use

Can be used as a hair shampoo, body wash, or facial cleanser. For use in the shower or bath; squeeze a small amount of gel into a wet sponge. Lather and rinse. Towel dry, and moisturize with your favorite NAYA body butter, fusion, or oil.  

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